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Rich Rock Properties
Rich Rock Property Overview

The Tas Property:

The Tas Property (17 mineral tenures totaling 6136.5 hectares) is located in north-central British Columbia 50 kilometers north of Fort St. James. In the fall of 2009 Rich Rock purchased the property from Eagle Peak Resources Inc. (“Eagle Peak”), an associated company.

The property lies within a strongly mineralized belt, which includes several porphyry copper-gold deposits. Mt. Milligan, for example, is a large copper-gold deposit located approximately 25 km northeast of the Tas Property. Mt. Milligan is permitted and currently under construction with production scheduled to commence in 2013.


The Eagle Property:

The Eagle Property consists of eight mineral tenures comprising 4543.3 hectares and is situated 95 km northwest of Fort St. James, British Columbia. Access to the property is by road from Fort St. James to Tchentlo Lodge at the west end of Tchentlo Lake, a distance of 110 kms. From here, the property is reached by a one-hour boat trip east along Tchentlo Lake for 23 km. Local tote roads and trails, now overgrown, lead to various points on the property.


The Redstone Property:

Property Overview:
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